COMING SOON... is a first of it's kind, truly non-partisan, political crowd-funding operation which seeks to connect candidates for political office with donors from across the country. For instance, an individual looking to affect a race in Florida will be able to do so by directing his or her donations to a like-minded candidate for public office there - even if they live in say, Washington state. Additionally, candidates with little or no political connections or funding will be able to attain the funding they need to mount an effective campaign to help bring about the change the public so desires in today's gridlocked political climate. In a political world where so few hold so much of the political power in the United States, DemocracyTree is poised to serve as the first and only counter to the reality that one must possess vast amounts of money and influence in order to take part in the democratic process. This reality is also a main factor in what keeps good people out of politics, as the vast majority of a candidate's time is spent soliciting donations, keeping them from doing the job they aspire to be elected to do. DemocracyTree will also challenge the two-party system by including candidate profiles of any and all third party candidates who seek our services. The campaigns themselves will be freed from the federally-mandated administrative work of collecting donor information, as it will be provided to them by DemocracyTree, a non-connected committee registered with the Federal Election Commission. Corporations are by law not allowed to contribute to a candidate for federal office through a committee such as ours, so change that DemocracyTree hopes to facilitate will come completely free of special interest or corporate influence. So come join us, and find your voice.